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Privacy Policy
Why do we use cookies and what are they for?
My Site explains how we process the information and personal data that users provide us with. In addition, we will explain how cookies and similar technologies are used in order to store and retrieve the user’s web browsing information.

In this Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies article, we will explain what cookies are and their function, as well as different types of cookies and their purpose. Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy summarizes how My Site processes the information that users provide us with, giving us the ability to understand the interaction you have with our company.

This is implemented in the web pages, applications and services in relation to our company policies. The privacy law attempts to give an explanation of the data captured by My Site, as well as: the circumstance in which we do so, the way in which it is handled, the companies with which we act, your rights in relation to this data collection, the sharing of this data and other issues related to security and privacy.

Any personal data you provide us with will be used as described in this privacy notice. In no way will this information be provided through any My Site website or through any other format that My Site has.

By reading this privacy text, the user understands that personal data will be treated in the manner set out in this policy. If you do not understand or are not comfortable with our privacy law, we ask you to avoid or not make use of this web platform.

The processing of personal data carried out by is covered by this privacy law and shall be carried out in this manner:

Malta Data Protection Policy (DPA 586 Chapter of Maltese Law), as well as other legislation dealt with by the DPA, which may be amended at any time.

Regulamento (UE) 679 2016 de acordo com a segurança dos utilizadores no que diz respeito ao tratamento de dados de utilizadores e livre desenvolvimento deste dado e que é determinado pela Diretiva CE 95 46 (RGPD).

O My Site determina o meio e a finalidade de tratar os Dados Pessoais e desta forma atua sendo «Responsável pelo tratamento» de acordo com as Políticas de Proteção de Dados em Malta.

Captação e uso da informação

Recolhemos diferentes tipos de informação para fins informativos próprios com o objetivo de prestar os nossos serviços e melhorá-los.

Dados do utilizador

É possível que em nosso website solicitamos que você forneça informação pessoal que possivelmente será utilizada para fins de proteção de segurança do utilizador (dados pessoais).

Se o utilizador decidir fornecer-nos informações pessoais, tais como: endereço de e-mail e outros para receber os nossos boletins informativos, isso concede-nos o seu consentimento e permite-nos enviar-lhe informações.

Essas informações podem ser, por exemplo, notícias, atualizações sobre ofertas e/ou serviços. Se não desejar receber tais informações, pode cancelar a sua inscrição através do link na parte final de cada e-mail, ou escrever-nos diretamente para o e-mail de serviço ao cliente: [email protected] .

Use of data

At My Site we also collect information about how you access and use the services on our site. Information such as subnet protocol, IP address, DNS, browser type, and different sites visited from our platform, the date and time of your entry and how long you spend visiting our pages.

Why do we use cookies and what are they for?

Cookies are text files that collect information about the user’s navigation through different websites. This information is temporarily stored on your PC, smartphone or any device that browses the internet.

Cookies in no way represent a risk to the user or device, on the contrary, they are very useful for the user as they enable the website to automatically recognize their preferences and even access information. The cookies of

do not store payment or banking information.

Types of Cookies and their function

My Site uses cookies responsibly to ensure the correct functioning and improved navigation of the site, thus improving the user experience on our website.

Below we provide information on the different types of cookies required for operation.

Essential cookies

These are cookies that are necessary for the daily operation of the website. They provide the information necessary to give the user the right experience, for example, language preferences, login data, settings, etc. Basically, it is impossible for the website to function properly without these cookies.

Non-essential cookies

These are not a requirement for the website to function properly, but they are a huge help in processing analytical data. With this information we will be able to analyze user behavior and make necessary improvements to our website.

Advertising cookies

These cookies store user behavior information through continuous tracking while the user browses our website, which allows us to create an accurate user profile for advertising purposes.

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We are not responsible for any incorrect information, as the user must read the bonus terms and conditions carefully before playing or accepting any promotion.

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